• To have a bird placed on hold please email me name of the bird you have chosen. If you would like to see the bird before placing a deposit please email to make viewing arrangements.
  • Babies will not be available to go to their new homes until they are 100% weaned. This is usually when they are 8-10 weeks in age.
  • Please note that to purchase any one of the birds a 30% deposit will be required (no exceptions). This will be non-refundable unless I cannot provide you with the bird you have chosen.
  • To purchase a bird listed below click HERE. Baby birds are not available for sale until they are 3 weeks old.

Baby Birds

Band #:WIA 22 0001
Sex: Male
Age:10 week(s) and 4 day(s)
Band #:OB WIA 20 0004
Mutation:Dutch blue peach face
Sex: Male
Age:183 week(s) and 2 day(s)

Adult Birds

There are no adult birds for sale at this time.

Bird Pairs

There are no bird pairs for sale at this time.