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Details for AAC 23 P 3076

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  • Baby birds are not priced until 4-5 weeks when they are feathered enough to determine their coloring. However, the prices range form $175 for normal grey or very light pied up to $350 for more rarer colors.
  • Baby birds are not available for placing on hold or for sale until they are 3 weeks old.
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  • If you would like to see the bird before placing a deposit please email (address is below) to make viewing arrangements.
  • Babies will not be available to go to their new homes until they are 100% weaned. This is usually when they are 8-10 weeks in age.
  • Please note that to purchase a Cockatiel or Conure a 30% deposit will be required (no exceptions). This will be non-refundable unless I cannot provide you with the bird you have chosen.

ColorCinnamon pied pearlMotherNoelle
Leg Band #AAC 23 P 3076SexM
Hatch Date2023-10-09Sexing MethodDNA
Age57 day(s)CageBrooder
For Sale StatusFor Sale.Price$ 200